Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier

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The Tarnlars used to be wagonmakers, but due to competition, the family changed trades two generations ago. The Tarnlars reinvented themselves as vendors of sturdy but fashionable clothing to appeal to the merchants and travelers making use of the Long Road. After all, cloaks and boots wear out just like wagon wheels, and anyone trudging for tendays on the road in raw spring weather or bitter winter cold soon comes to value warm garments very highly indeed.

The clothing, boots, and accessories are all fine, warm, and sturdy, even though few Red Larchers can afford to buy them for everyday wear. The Tarnlars live in a comfortable apartment above their garment shop.

Key NPCs
Helvur Tarnlar (male Tethyrian human commoner) is a snob by the standards of Red Larch. He puts on airs of gentility, haughtily explaining to customers that “This is how aristocrats wear their boots in Neverwinter,” or “Hats such as this are all the rage in Silverymoon,” even though he has never been to those places. He refuses to speculate about local events, saying, “Tarnlars do not deal in gossip!” Maegla (female Tethyrian human commoner) is the true talent in the family. She is a sharp businesswoman who has an eye for good merchandise. She is also the mother of four bold and adventurous children.

Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier

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