Rivergard Keep

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Front Gate

The keeps main entrance features a two-story gatehouse attached to a round tower. Arrow slits look out onto the ground outside the gate. The gate itself is a double door of thick timbers reinforced by iron bands.

A guard stands on top of the wall just north of the gate.


The gates open to a thirty-foot passage leading east. A portcullis blocks the far end of the passage, but you can see the castle yard on the other side. An arrow slit in the southern wall of the passage provides defenders a way to fire on intruders who get this far. You also notice murder holes in the ceiling.

Gatehouse Interior

This is the ground floor of the gatehouse tower. A door leads to the east, and stairs climb to the floor above. Arrow slits in this room offer a view of the ground outside the castle and the gate passage to the north. Two double-bunks stand against the walls. There are typically four guards in this area at all times.

Gatehouse Upper Floor

The area just inside the castle gatehouse consists of a small courtyard of bare dirt and tufts of wiry grass. A stable stands to the east, the gatehouse to the west, and the main yard of the castle lies to the north. The keep occupies the northern corner of the castle yard. Stone stairs near the keep lead up to the top of the wall.

There are four guards here, but it is obvious that one of them is the leader. The chain mechanism used to operate the gate appears rather easy to use, but you can tell it would take quite a bit of time to raise or lower the portcullis. DM: it would take three rounds.

Castle Yard

The area just inside the castle gatehouse consists of a small courtyard of bare dirt and tufts of wiry grass. A stable stands to the east, the gatehouse to the west, and the main yard of the castle lies to the north. The keep occupies the northern corner of the castle yard. Stone stairs near the keep lead up to the top of the wall.

From the castle yard you can plainly see the four guards that stand upon the walls. All four are ignoring what is inside the walls and only watching the exterior. This area is also very busy. There seems to always be someone passing through here; servants, guards, reavers, and anyone else inside the Keep.

Ruined Stable

This old stable is in bad shape. Most of the roof has caved in, and rotting debris fills the interior. Six horse stalls line the back wall.

While they won’t let you in, you have come to learn that this is the armory.


Two big wooden washtubs occupy the middle of this room, and a row of curtains along the west wall provides privacy for several privies.


Nine double bunks fill this barracks, each with a pair of footlockers tucked underneath. Doors exit to the north, west, and east.

This area is home to twelve guards and four wave reavers. At any given time there are typically eight guards and two reavers here. They spend most of their time gambling, dozing in their bunks, tending to their gear, practicing in the yard just outside, or starting pointless quarrels with each other. At night there are two armed guards who post watch here.

Water Tower

The upper floor of this tower looks deserted, but the ground floor is still in use. Curtains hanging across the eastern half of the room wall off someones private quarters, and several straw pallets lie on the floor near the door. A capstan stands against the north wall, with a heavy chain disappearing through a pipe to the northeast. The river laps just beneath the arrow slits of the tower.

There are three wave reavers and their commander Reash here. Reash is the suspicious type and immediately kicks anyone out of this room who he feels doesn’t need to be here. In other words, everyone except them.

From what little you could gather this is where the chain is lowered that bars the river gate.


The keeps eastern wall juts out into the river, forming a good-sized basin in which a couple of keelboats float. A wide gap in the southeast wall provides access to the river, although it is blocked by a heavy chain. A twenty-foot tall bluff of rock and earth separates the landing and a nearby tower from the rest of the castle grounds. To the north, a wide stream flows out of a cave mouth into the boat basin. An iron grate blocks access to the stream.

Water Gate

The keeps eastern wall is built into the river, forming a long pier that encloses a boat basin. A heavy chain that emerges from the tower to the south stretches across the entrance.

Moored Keelboat

A large keelboat is moored to the inner side of the keeps east wall, floating in the boat basin. A rope ladder leads from the top of the wall to the deck of the boat, about six feet below. Hatchways lead into the boats cabin from the bow and the stern.

There are typically two crew members and the captain of the ship here. Near as you tell, this appears to be another pirate ship based off of the cargo you’ve seen unloaded and the conversations you’ve overheard.

Dark Stream

The north side of the boat basin laps against a steep, rocky bluff. From the base of the bluff, a subterranean river empties into the boat basin. The river is close to thirty feet wide, and the cave ceiling is about six feet above the water level in the middle. An iron grate blocks the stream mouth.

North Tower

Whomever gets near this tower will notice the stench of animal fur in the air and someone will stop them and suggest they might not want to go in there.


The keeps chapel contains plain wooden pews facing a large altar at the west end of the room. No idol hints at what deity is venerated here. A crude symbol is painted on the wall above the altar, resembling an X with a horizontal bar linking the bottom limbs. Several straw pallets lie near the chapel door.

The attendant of the chapel is Drosnin and she always has two wave reavers near her at all times. While you’re fairly certain they’re supposed to be her guards, they seem to also be unwilling acolytes.

Grand Hall

This room is the great hall of the keep. It is two stories high, with stone stairs on both sides of the room leading up to a stone balcony at the west end of the chamber. Heavy double doors lead east to the castle yard, while two interior doors open to the west. Arrow slits look out to the north and the south. At the west end of the room, below the balcony, a large wooden chair sits behind a wide table littered with papers and discarded plates. A second table, this one long and furnished with benches, runs down the middle of the hall. The walls are painted in green and blue, decorated with tattered banners showing nautical designs.

This is where Jolliver “Jolly” Grimjaw can typically be found here conducting business and stays here into the evening. He is attended by Urshnora and two wave reavers.

Servants Quarters

This plain dormitory features six bunk beds and a small wooden table and chairs, as well as two large laundry tubs and several baskets full of dirty clothes and linens.

Three human commoners currently work here.


Two large hearths on the north wall of this room hold kettles full of simmering stew. Washbasins and worktables with old, battered crockery stand in the middle of the room. Sacks, casks, and barrels are piled along the southern wall, and cheeses and smoked fish hang from the ceiling.

Five human commoners currently work here.

Old Library

You are not allowed in here, though you do learn that this is the personal quarters of Urshnora.

Keep Guardroom

While you were unable to gain access to this area, you were able to determine that this appears to be a barracks for six wave reavers.

Lords Chamber

This is the personal quarters of Jolliver “Jolly” Grimjaw and you do not get access to this area.

Rivergard Keep

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