Water Genasi Druid from the Frozen North


Vassen is from the far north. While he is a druid and communes with animals, shape shifts, etc., because of his nature he leans to the more aquatic side of things. Think along the lines of a Water Bender from the Northern Water Tribe in the cartoon version of Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

Vassen was a fisherman and sometimes healer for a village in the frozen north. He owned and operated a large fishing boat, about 20 crew members. His druidic skills were very helpful in this endeavor. A surprise attack by a tribe of sahuagin destroyed his boat and killed his entire crew. Only he escaped. He was able to make it back to his village and with the priest and mage, they were able to drive off the sahuagin, but not before many losses. With less than half the population left and most of those women and children, he led an exodus to the south. After getting them set up in large fishing village, Vassen has turned to a life of adventure to raise capitol as quickly as possible. His greatest desire is to finance an expedition to rebuild and resettle his village from the north, but this time with a proper fort and other defensive improvements.

He wears no armor and never uses a weapon. He uses ranged spells from afar mostly, but will resort to Shocking Grasp when enemies get close, which limits the enemies reactions, allowing him to move away again.
He does use a shield, which he forms out of ice using the ‘Shape Water’ cantrip that comes naturally to his race.
He carries at least five large water skins that he uses with his spells.


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