Vander Cavalo

Merchant half elf who raises and deals in horses and other exotic animals.


An average size half elf, Vander is in his late middle years. His elven heritage is difficult to perceive at a glance, but his natural charm, easy manner, and natural grace give a hint to his elven grandfather. With a slightly thinning head of hair, a full (but neatly trimmed) beard, and broad mustache, Vander makes an impression when he walks into a room.


Vander Cavalo is a horse breeder and trainer (as well as an excellent horseman), and dabbles in rare and exotic animals (training and rearing them) as a hobby when he gets a chance. His elven ancestors truly shine when he works with his animals, as he appears to have a natural link with them that is rivaled only by the druids of the land. He is a successful merchant, and very well off, due to the selling of the wares he raises on his ranch just outside of Red Larch. Shule’s friendship with him (and fascination with riding) is what prompted Shule to ask for work. Once it became quite obvious that Shule was never going to amount to much as a smith, he used some of the money he had earned working for Mr. Smyth (not much really, but enough) to pay adventurers coming through town for some basic lessons in swordplay, and learned how to throw a javalin or spear. This, combined with Shule’s ability to shoe a horse, and get along well with most animals, made him a great candidate for transporting and guarding (with a merchant caravan) fine horses. Shule has even helped to deliver some rare, more exotic animals on a few occasions. Vander will tell anyone who asks that Shule is a fine, capable, trustworthy young man. He would add that he believes Shule has a little something… extra, and that he will probably end up ‘going places’ when he grows fully into manhood.

Vander Cavalo

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