Defender of the common (and not so common) folk.


Shule is tall and athletic. At 6’3", his heavy, muscular frame doesn’t look quite so bulky. His brown hair and dark brown eyes are handsome, but unremarkable, but his face usually has a slight smile, and a friendly, honest look to it that helps him win the trust and admiration of others more easily than might normally be expected.

Offense: Good
Defense: Amazing
Faith: In Torm. Strong, but usually personal, not broadcast to the world except for when passing judgement, or in combat.
Party Face: Good, but not Luc ;)
Loyalty: To a fault.
Singing Voice: For your sake, don’t ask (his enthusiasm is inversely proportional to his talent)
Family Crest: A dragon turtle on a black sea (background)
Spellcasting: Minimal. A bit of healing, some combat enhancement, and bit of ‘clericy’ magic.
Stealth: Lol.


Even to those few who don’t like him, he is still described as “meaning well”, “helpful”, and “genuine”. His unassuming brown hair and brown eyes don’t call attention to him, but his strong, deep voice does. Some of the things he is known for by the populace of the place he calls are:

The time he threw himself in front of a spooked and charging horse to deflect it from a toddler who had wandered into the street. The horse was deflected a few feet, toddler (Timmy, of course) was fine, and Shule was in bed a few days with a twisted ankle and a sore shoulder that had been dislocated and reset in the tumble that followed the collision.

Once, a rough trapper had wandered into town. Having had way too much to drink, the fool tried to assault a lass who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rather than just turn away from the dangerous man, the then 14 year old Shule had waded into the man, fists pounding. Shule had taken such a beating that he spent 2 weeks in bed after the incident, but Mary had been saved from a terrible, possibly life changing experience, as the local law had arrived and dealt with the trapper as he had wrapped up giving Shule a severe thrashing.

Recently, a traveling aspiring hunter (a ‘dandy’ type) had managed to anger a brown bear, and flee onto the ranch of Mr. Cavalo (Shule’s most recent employer). The bear, who was in a rage from the one crossbow bolt the dandy had managed to get off, knocked down a fence, and entered an area where a few new foals were being kept. Shule went at the bear with a large stick. Luckily, a traveling group of adventurers had been negotiating with Mr. Cavalo, and had come to Shule’s rescue (the group’s cleric saving Shule from almost certain death from a bite that was bleeding profusely). Mr. Cavalo and the adventurers asked Shule what he had been thinking, and his reply was, “You entrust me with the keeping of your ranch when I’m not making deliveries for you. How could I, in good conscience, ignore the danger to your foals from the beast?! I simply did the right thing. The only thing that made sense.”

In more recent days, Shule will often be seen with his companion, Hestur. Hestur is not so much a horse as he is a physical manifestation of Shule’s faith in Torm. Hestur is most commonly seen as a horse, but has been known to take other forms as well.


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