#Lucretius (Luc) "The Lucky" Callicrates Agathangelus

Epicurean Bard; creator of #donethat...


Lucretius – Human – Bard/Warlock

healing – rarely
debuff – good (hex)
buff – good (fairie fire, inspiration)
dps – fair (eldritch blast)
defense – fair @ AC 17
utility – excellent
thief stuff – good
party face – excellent
combat focused – as needed only
extracurricular activities – yes.


Lucretius, as he currently is known, hails most recently from Calimport, in the Shining South. It seems that his rakish good looks and peculiar epicurean sensibilities had landed him in hot water one too many times. Prior to his escape from that jeweled city, he was one of the most well-known, up-and-coming theatrical artists of the post-Sundering Age. Known as a “triple-threat”, his ability to both sing and play multiple instruments (sometimes simultaneously) was surpassed only by his on-stage performances while acting. Some say that his ability to weave magic into these performances was “dishonest” – others thought it outright genius…

Had he kept his libertine affections constrained to the local taverns and actresses of the various guilds of Calimport, he would most likely still be plying his trade there for larger and larger sums of gold. Unfortunately, it took most of his (sizable due to his stipends) savings to procure a suitable ship and reckless enough captain who would ferry him out of Calimport. This was due mainly to the 50,000 gold-piece price on his head (alive, not dead by edict), announced by the Sultan’s Vizier himself. Rumors abound – most of them having to do with promiscuities of various members of the sultan’s heirs, some members of his harem, and a variety of (now missing) chiefs and minor lords of the Sultanate.

Currently, he is looking into a new line of work. Thankfully, due to his time on the stage and with various martial performances, he is adept at dueling with the rapier and can use a bow in a pinch. Whilst on-board his getaway boat, “The Olga” (oddly enough), he took time to become friends with an arcane trickster of some small ability and has learned to combine his knowledge of song with that of arcane magic – a bard is born!

He constantly hums, whistles, or sings as he fights (that’s what he did onstage during performances), he drinks regularly but not to excess unless something warrants it (like losing the best-paying job of your life), and he is verbose to a fault but not unkind to his compatriots. As you’ve gotten to know him during this trip with the caravan, you have come to appreciate his manners, his sharp wit, generally good mood, extreme charm, and exquisite singing and playing abilities. Several in the caravan have shared even more ‘experiences’ with him already…seriously, it IS a long road. He loves life, loves the pleasures in life, and is most aptly defined as an epicurean more than anything else. He readily enjoys small doses of pure joy every day, meditates at sunrise regularly, enjoys excellent alcohols/spirits in a small (very clean) shot glass he keeps, keeps his person well-kept, and is satisfied with a good small meal over heaps of less-tasty food. He is known to over-indulge regarding sexual exploits but… everyone has a their own sweet-tooth, of sorts.

Take note that Lucretius is truly a prodigy in the singing, music, and acting that he renders – so much so that most people listening to him are simply awed by it when they allow themselves to be. Think of your favorite musician – he’s better. Now think of your favorite singer – he puts them to shame, utterly. Now think of you favorite actor (male, young) – that’s him, but 3 times sexier. – now put that person into 1000AD Europe with all the pestilence, idiocy, lack of baths, etc…. ya – exactly.

He carries soap and perfume anywhere he goes and bathes daily, if possible (yes, odd). He is a tenor.

Sings like this guy : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/514043744940289042/

Sample of a more contemporary song (video off the coast of Calimshan, of course) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI3NjxnBCoI

He has long dark hair and soft brown eyes : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/297237644134054961/

He may not have an 18str, but he’s cut as hell : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/442619469603494434/

Oh and he can cook : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/234398355578938480/

#Lucretius (Luc) "The Lucky" Callicrates Agathangelus

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