John Smyth

Burly and bald, John Smyth is a master blacksmith


At 5’8", John almost appears to be as wide as he is tall when he stretches his arms out to the sides. His bald head is perpetually coated in sweat when he works at his forge, and his intensity and focus is such that you have to nearly shout his name to get his attention, even if you’re only a few feet away.


John is truly a master blacksmith. His friends tease him, and call him a giant dwarf, but a stranger would think twice before making such a claim. John would not be offended by the comparison, however, as he did indeed spend his youth as an apprentice to a dwarven blacksmith. Due to a lifedebt owed to Jonh’s mother, a dwarven master smith took John as an apprentice at a young age, and taught him his craft. The only oath that John was forced to take was a promise that he would not share his trade secrets without permission from a dwarven king, and that he would never forge weapons that he knew (or suspected) would be used against dwarves.

John currently lives in Red Larch, and knows Shule very well. Shule even served John as a helper (though not a true apprentice, as he lacked the natural talent) for a time, and considers John to be one of his closest and wisest friends.

John Smyth

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