Lost Mines to the Apocalypse


They have webs. And poison. Bad poison.

We were tired. We were worn. We still were not willing to risk the life of Gundren’s brother, so we took an hour to regroup, and we went back in.

Thinking we were witty, we planned to have Quarion turn invisible, and sneak in ahead of us. He was then going to neutralize the Black Spider with his Silence ability, and we would rush in and fight the bad wizard without him casting spells. Oops. :)

Quarion approached, and realized there was someone else in the passageway, also invisible! Furthermore, he realized there were giant spiders in there with the Black Spider. Two of them, and what Quarion figured out was another doppelganger in the guise of Gundren’s brother.

Quarion returned, and described the situation to us. We decided to have Quarion close the double doors to the room the Black Spider was in, so that we could handle the invisible opponent all by himself. Luc wanted to do a bit more scouting, but meh… we were sure that wasn’t needed. :)

The door slammed, and Vatten dropped a Faerie Fire where we believed the opponent to be, and sure enough, a hobgoblin appeared. We killed him, and decided to push forward immediately. We all pressed forward, gleefully anticipating drow blood…

Only to realize there were not 2 giant spiders, but 4 of them. Quarion did his part, but Shule hadn’t communicated well enough with him, and forgot to point out that Quarion should wait until Shule was next to the wizard before dropping a Silence on him. So the wizard watched as Shule and Quarion were surrounded by 4 giant spiders, and Shule got Webbed (giving his opponents advantage on attacks against him). The wizard was disappointed that he couldn’t cast in the silence… so he left it. At least Quarion got to punch him once as he left.

Meanwhile, Luc had been holding back to keep a good spread for our group (avoiding area spells). To his dismay, a couple bugbears appeared from the area we hadn’t quite finished scouting. Luc had some choice things to say about the value of exhaustive scouting, and then he promptly dropped a Suggestion on one of them, causing both of them to become pacifists somehow, as neither of the two that had come landed a single blow for the following 8 rounds or so.

Vatten had cast a Cure Wounds spell, and moved in. He threw an Ice Knife spell, and while the initial thrust was a miss, the aftereffect worked well. It even got Shule. :)

Quarion chased the Black Spider down, and thumped him again, but then the BS decided he had had enough, and cast Spider Climb, and took off up the wall and onto the ceiling. For the next couple rounds, we had a chaotic melee, with everyone knocking a little life off of everything. Vatten (luckily) fought off a couple Suggestion spells from the BS, and Luc broke the stalemate by casting sleep, and knocking down two of our opponents. Vatten threw down another Faerie Fire (hitting the BS and another giant spider), and decided that is one of his favorite spells.

We started focusing fire after that. Shule finally had a round when he wasn’t forced to heal or break out of webbing, and we started to make headway. Vatten said the others should press forward, and that he could handle the spider. Of course, that was before Vatten was aware of the amazingly potent spider venom that was about to enter his body. Yikes. A single bite took him from full health to under half. It was OK though, as we had finally started to gain momentum. Within another round, three spiders were down or dead, and the BS decided to run. Bad choice.

We took him down, and now have him in his underwear, bound, gagged, and unconscious. We’re not taking any chances with spellcasters. Then we realized that the two bugbears (the one Luc had Suggestion-ed, and his opponent) were still playing pattycake, so we lopped off the opponent’s head, and moved on. We found a key on the BS, and used it to open a door, finding Gundren’s bro, and saving the day. We locked the door behind us with Gundren and his bro, and the captive drow, and managed an extended rest. Gundren is happy as a clam, and we’re rested and ready to keep clearing out the mine.

All of us are feeling a bit stronger and more awesomer after the fight, and we’re ready to claim this place as our own… or… at least 10%+ of it as our own.



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