Lost Mines to the Apocalypse

Flaming Skull


Today has been crazy! After getting a good nights rest, we decided (to my disappointment) to strike out due east, instead of going back and dealing with the undead. I’ve heard about undead, but I’m no expert. Anyway, so we decided to head east, and we discovered an underground lake! Or sea? It is big, but we don’t know how big. We could only see a part of it, as it rises and recedes. That has something to do with the loud ‘wave echo’ sound we hear that gave this place its name. Having taken a good look at that lake (and determined there was no likely danger there), we moved on and headed south.

Quarion walked around a corner (I held back to avoid giving away our position with our light source), and fwoosh! Flames came shooting past me, lighting up Quarion, and shooting past us out the entrance of the tunnel we had just come into. Luckily, I saw the flames covering Quarion first, so I had a moment to get my shield up and block the blast. Next thing I know, Quarion comes jetting past me as fast as horse in full gallop (maybe faster). He was saying something about a flaming skull, and zombies. After getting a feel for zombies at the Old Owl Well, I was eager to knock some down again. Of course, there was a nasty surprise in store for me.

First, I prepared myself, calling on Torm to protect me from the filth approaching. I could hear voices and movement behind me. The others preparing themselves and presumably calling upon their own gods… which would explain why Luc is probably talking to himself somewhere back there. Hehe.

Then things kind of started happening fast. A layer of frost and ice shards coated the ground by my feet, and covered the corridor ahead of me and around the corner. Zombies started pouring around the corner, but they were falling apart as their legs were torn to shreds. That must have been Vatten’s handiwork. I’ve got to admit it was a bit eerie seeing them plod forward, falling apart with each step. Then the cursed Flame Skull came around the corner and cast some accursed spell. Suddenly there was a ball of flame next to me! Having had enough fire for the next few seconds, Quarion made a tactical retreat. I stood firm, and was astounded when the Skull’s cackling and the zombies’ moaning cut off abruptly. Someone had silenced them with magic! Excellent! No more fiery explosions coming out of that one! Unfortunately the fires at my feet kept burning me. The consolation prize is that I saw it immolate more than one zombie that came forward.

Aaaand that was when I learned that the stupid Skull could still do magic somehow. Twin blasts of fire sot at me from it’s eyes. They caught me off guard, since I thought his magics were done. I got pretty cooked, and spent the next few seconds calling on Torm to heal my wounds. Geeze. Now that I think about it, I’ll have to be careful not to become one of those preachy clergy types! Lots of praying and whatnot for me today. The good news at that point was that Luc has some new tricks now. This one was quite effective, as a blast of energy shot past my head and slammed into the Skull. It was startled, and lost control of the flames that kept burning me, and they winked out.

From there it was just cleanup. Zombies fell fast as Quarion re-entered the fray. Large pellets of ice kept slamming into the Skull, and more bolts of energy kept slamming into it as well. It tried moving out of the silenced area, but that just made it an easier target for everyone. The last couple zombies crumbled as they moved toward us, and it was child’s play to finish them off.

Not so bad! I took a memento, some shards from the Skull, and we backed into our safe-room, locking the door for a bit of time to lick our wounds. After nearly an hour had gone by, THE DAMNED SKULL APPEARED AGAIN! It blasted the entire room with fire, and I was the only to remain unscathed. We brought it down fast, but dang… tough little thing that Skull. At Luc’s suggestion, I doused the broken skull in holy water, and poof! It sizzled and disintegrated in a flash and burst of smoke. Lesson learned. We now rest some more, licking our new wounds, and preparing to set out again.

PS. Luc can talk to me inside my head now. It’s really awkward, but I can see how it could be quite useful. It will take some getting used to.

P.P.S. This is me, in your head again, just saying hi. Might wanna put in your journal that actually Vatten disrupted the skull’s concentration. Otherwise, good prose and great spelling for a holy warrior! You make us all so proud, son. (Luc told me, in my head, to write this, and since I think he’s right about that correction I went ahead and did so… And no, Luc, I’m not writing that about the skull; I’m not putting any bad jokes in here.)



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