Lost Mines to the Apocalypse

Entering Wave Echo Cave

Gundren escorted the players to Wave Echo Cave where they found the body of one of his brothers, Tharden, who appeared to have been dead for about a week. The players continued on into the cave where Quarian and Lucretius explored the abandoned mine tunnels. During the exploration they encountered a couple of ochre jellies, where Vatten quickly learned that when struck by lightning the ochre jelly splits in two. Shule also learned that a critical hit from an ochre jelly really hurts!

After dispatching the ochre jellies the PCs continued their exploration of the mine where they came upon an area that was more recently used. Behind a door the PCs could hear several goblins, but curious about the area further down the hall Quarian snuch forward to have a look. Not only did he find a drow, but the drow and his bugbear allies saw him.

Moving back to regroup with the party the bugbears moved forward and began calling out to the other bugbears in the room next to the players. Between Lucretius’s Darkness spell and Vatten’s Ice Spike Growth the battle quickly became confusing.

While the PCs were able to deal with the bugbears, (the drow ran off), they took heavy damage as well as somewhere around five or six critical hits in just this battle a lone! Needing a bit of a break the party moved back to the entrance with Gundren Rockseeker to take a short rest.

Next session the PCs will return planning on seeking out the Black Spider.



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