Lost Mines to the Apocalypse

Back on the Road

wherein the party travels to Red Larch and beyond

The party leaves Phandalin for the small town of Red Larch after an ominous dream that recently came to Lucretius one night. The dream, showing visions of destruction, orchestrated by the four elements, seemingly brought to intelligent life, was unsettling in the least. The party, having spent the last several months training and fortifying the nearby region, was ready to get on the road again anyway.

After a short rest at a local ranch (a friend of Shule’s) the party ended up in Red Larch without incident. It didn’t take long to scope out the general lay of the land in that small community and thereafter the party left with several clues as to where to head next.

1. A large, well-equipped party of educated dwarves and men disappeared south of Beliard, but we don’t know exactly where or which road they were on (or did they end up on the river?).
2. Items likely belonging to that party ended up in the hands of ‘shady characters’ in the town of Womford, to the south – the items were recovered by a riverboat captain.
3. A variety of people have mentioned that there is something afoot in the valley – deaths, bandits, odd weather patterns, etc

Eventually, we ended up heading to Womford to check out the one precise lead we had – to find the riverboat captain that had come upon the items likely originating with the traveling dwarves. If we can find him, then perhaps we can get a lead as to where this caravan disappeared to and, therefore, gain insight as to what else may be going on in the valley.

On our way to Womford, we met up with a gang of ruffians headed up by cultists of the element of water; their priest was not forthcoming with information, but his bodyguard was. We now know [I don’t remember what she told us]. Anyway, they both ended up dead, thankfully.



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